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[09 May 2006|12:00am]
Ever feel like givin up?

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[24 Apr 2006|08:08pm]
[ mood | lethargic ]

Some people should just be dragged out into a field and shot.

And if you still have a LJ and actually check're probably one of those people.

Yes...I'm talking about YOU!

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All That I Can Say is [03 Jan 2006|04:21am]
[ mood | indifferent ]

Fuck it. It's too hard, and not worth the effort. The more I try..the worst it gets. There IS no progress, only regret. Regret hurts more than realization, but giving in is easier to do.

Here's to the smarter me. Happy New Year?

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Chyeaaaaa [14 Dec 2005|01:14pm]
[ mood | excited ]

Chyea's almost that time kids! Please keep all hands inside the ride at all times. Because this shit is going to be a WILD RIDE. CHYEAAAAAAAAA

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Winter Time! [17 Nov 2005|10:50am]
[ mood | cold ]

WHOOO, Had to wake up at 6:45am for weights....and guess how cold it was?...yes sir...29 degrees!!!! It was awesome. Football practice is kinda weird though, it's been a while since I've practiced in cold weather, and I realize I hardly have ANY clothes for such weather. Looks like I'll be hittin up Wal-Mart sometime this week. Got 1 1/2 weeks of school until the first semester is over, then I'll be home for a whole month. I can't wait!

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Hello! [31 Oct 2005|06:19pm]
Happy Halloween Everyone! I haven't been on here for a LONG time. Seems like nobody's on here anymore. I'm goin to a haunted hotel tonight...oooh...and I get my money back if I make it to the third floor. We'll see what happens!

P.S. Be back in B-Town December 15th! My birthday's on the 19th...B-day party? I hope so...we'll see what I can do.

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Sweet Sweet Nostalgia. [07 Oct 2005|03:48am]
[ mood | nostalgic ]

Does anyone else miss Livejournal Drama? I know I do. It was the greatest.

Someone please bring it back. PLEASSSSSSSSE.

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Killa Cali? [05 Oct 2005|11:05am]
[ mood | mellow ]

Well the last few days have been crazy. Been hangin out with football players from Cali. They accused me of wanting to be from there. PSHHHH.

But anyways the funniest thing that happened in the past few nights was by far the 'After Jack-in-the-Box Incident'. Rob driving like an idiot, and came up on a railroad crossing. All of a sudden the light turned red, and the long stick thingys started to drop. But we were right behind him so he couldnt back up. So he jams his car in reverse and pokes his big ass head out the window and screams GO GO GO GO.

It was HILARIOUS. Got class...gotta go.

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[30 Sep 2005|12:13pm]
[ mood | bitchy ]


Thank you all for listening. Goodbye.

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Injured? Me? Damn. [29 Sep 2005|01:16pm]
[ mood | crushed ]

Welp, Tuesday in practice I fucked up my knee. I was hoping it wasnt that bad...butttttt...found out today that I strained my ACL and MCL. Damn near tore em.


So...looks like I wont be going to Alabama tonight. Oh well, thats a long bus ride anyways.

Damn B-town...WHERE ARE YOU!?!

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New Screen Name [21 Sep 2005|10:47am]
[ mood | working ]

New aol sn: DKnight063

Yahoo ID: Rubeno_75

Gotta go to class, see ya.

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Howdy Doo Me and Tyler Too [21 Sep 2005|12:46am]
[ mood | bored ]

Don't ask what the title is all about... Geez I haven't done a real post on here in a while. Myspace is just as addicting too. God, I'm pathetic. But anyways, I said Tyler too because guess what?!?! TSU is evacuating (i just sat here for 2 mins trying to think of that word) on Thursday cuz of Hurricane Rita. So I'm not sure where we're gonna be...but whatever. If it gets too bad they'll have to cancel our next 2 games because they are in Louisiana and I might get to come home for a lil while. But enough of the boring shit!
Things that have happened since I've been here:

Kappa Phi party was CrAzY. Lots of drunk people. And it was sooo damn hot because the place was packed. Football players got in free. Yay thats me!..
My short temper has almost gotten me into 3 fights already. Suprise suprise.
I've witnessed 2 fights. One actually happened about 3 hours ago.
I aced my first Psychology exam....GO ME!
Mommy has sent me 2 care packages FULL of goodies.
Football is starting off rough. We lost our first 2...but we're gettin better. The scores were 27-15 & 24-21.
I've managed to make more white friends than black despite the fact that I'm at a Historically Black College.
And since I cant think of anything else....I guess I'll guitar string broke :-(

Well Thats my time. Maybe I'll post again someday. Peace.

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You know you live in 05 when... [20 Sep 2005|11:25am]
[ mood | excited ]

You know you live in 2005 when...

1) you accidentally enter your password on a microwave

2) you haven't played solitaire with real cards in years

3) the real reason for not staying in touch with your friends is that they don't have a screen name

4) you'd rather look all over the house for the remote instead of just pushing to button on the tv.

6) your boss doesnt even have the ability to do your job.

7) you read this list, & keep nodding and smiling

8) as you read this list, you think about sending it to all your

9) and.. you were to busy to notice number 5.

10) you actually scrolled back up to check that there was no 5

11) & now you're laughing at your stupidity

12) repost if you fell for it. you know you did

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Ugh [24 Aug 2005|11:20am]
[ mood | depressed ]

I don't care who you are, it sucks not having someone to talk to or somebody that actually has something in common with you.

School needs to start fast.

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TSU Life [11 Aug 2005|09:27am]
[ mood | cranky ]

Well for those of you who didn't know, I'm at TSU now. Our training camp started on Monday, and already I'm tired as hell. Here's our training camp schedule for EVERY DAY:

6:30am-8:00am Breakfast
8:00am-10:00am Freshman Orientation
8:00am-9:30am Offensive Weight Training
10:00am-12:00am Meetings
12:00pm-1:30pm Lunch
2:00pm-3:00pm Defensive Weight Training
3:30pm-5:30pm Meetings
6:15pm-7:30pm Dinner
8:00pm-10:30pm Practice
11:00pm Curfew

Then we got about 7 days that are 2/day practices. I miss a couple of you guys, I see there's been a lot of activity in B-town. I should have my internet and cable turned on soon, then I can talk to some of you bitches. But until then, I must go. Peace out.

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17 hours! [07 Aug 2005|08:34am]
[ mood | accomplished ]

Damn, that was a long ass drive, but I made it. Finally at TSU. Gotta do this on the school computer though cuz our highspeed aint on till next week or so. Mom's been cryin a lot but I think she's startin to do better. I'm sure I'll be pretty upset once she leaves. Haven't met my roomate yet. I meet him today when everyone checks in. I got my side of the dorm ready. It's pretty sweet ass. It's got a kitchen, bathroom (for 2 people thank god) and living area and bedroom. I feel kinda bad cuz I swiped the only desk we got in there right now, We should get another one though. When I get my digital camera I'll take some pics.

Well not much to say as of yet. Decided I'm going to major in Broadcast Communications, and minor in Psychology. So it should be pretty fun. Have fun in B-town..for those of you who remain.

See ya on Christmas.

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Peace Out [04 Aug 2005|07:02am]
[ mood | content ]

24 hours, and I'll be on the road. Out of this lame ass town. Away from all the bullshit that goes on around here. But let's not make this town sound as shitty as it is. I don't want to dampen the spirits of those who have to stay.

It was...interesting B-Town. But, I must move on.

Next time I post, it'll be from good old Texas. Yeehaw!

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UUUUUUGHHHH [01 Aug 2005|08:17pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]


Havent been sleep since 6pm yesterday...tryin to throw my sleep pattern back into wack. Did a shit load today, was gonna go out and drink with the ol' boys, but too tired. NICHOLAS SHHHHHHHHHHUTTTTTTTT UPPPPPPPPPPP!!! God I'm irritable when im tired. I need to get some sleep. UUGHHHHH.

Okay, gonna try to go to sleep now.

4 days....

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Uno, Dos, Tres, Quatorce [31 Jul 2005|06:06am]
[ mood | awake ]

Did I spell that right?, anyways...went clothes shopping and such with mom Saturday. It was pretty fun, and unbelievably painless. I had just got done running and working out before we went, so I kind of acted like I was limping when we walked up to the store, and they gave me a lil motorized scooter. HAHA, it was so awesome driving that thing around. And since I figured that I'm gonna make all $483.36 back...(ouch), I went ahead and bought an ipod. looks as if I'm set. Although I just know I'm gonna get there and realize that I forgot sumthing. But we'll flush that turd when it drops.

5 more days ladies and gents. I guess my sleep pattern being thrown off is a good thing, because mom decided she wants to leave Thursday night instead of Friday morning.

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1 week, 1 day [28 Jul 2005|02:47am]
[ mood | blah ]

Well, since I'm so lazy and my sleep pattern is thrown off, I've been packing at night. It's hard to pack, I'll be doing good at first, but then I'll come across somethin that I haven't seen in so long, and I'll stop and look at it and show it to mom, and yadda yadda. I'm kinda bummed that I haven't found time to hang out with friends that much lately. But it's no biggy I guess.

Gotta go clothes shopping sometime this weekend or next week. Brandice bailed on me, so i'll either do it alone, or with mom...yikes.

Next Monday I'll be in football pads. Holy shit.

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